Hand-carved frames for the win! Sarah Bereza has taken every detail of her work into consideration. See the works in person THIS FRIDAY, 6-10pm! @sarahbereza #sarahbereza with video by @fallonyourswordnyc #fallonyoursword #paradigmgallery #hahaxpara #handcarved #handcarvedframe #sculpture #painting #scarab #scarabs #forthewin (at Paradigm Gallery + Studio)

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France here I come! Overjoyed to be sending this purchase to Paris this week. Thank you for the support! #nosego #newcontemporary #painting #paradigmgallery #yisgoodwin (at Fabric Row)

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Lauren Rinaldi’s closing reception is THIS FRIDAY, 6-10pm! Have you picked up a cheeky sketch yet? We have a bunch of new ones on the wall. This one is a little older, but we had to post this fun tradition. Prices range from $25 - $30, so why not grab a few? 😉 @laurinaldi #laurenrinaldi #paradigmgallery #atarmslength #cheekysketches #npsrphilly #nopantssubwayride #npsr2014
Who’s already ready for #npsr2015? (at Paradigm Gallery + Studio)

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@ishknits strikes again! Hear the artist speak at our #iamherephilly panel discussion at @jogallery723, moderated by @paperclips215 THIS Wednesday evening, 7-9pm (doors will open at 6pm). PLEASE RSVP here: http://bit.ly/1tSenI6
Photo by @ishknits #clips215 #paneldiscussion #streetart #ishknits #yarnbomb (at Philadelphia String Theory Charter School)

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Reading @thinkspace_art’s wonderful description of @nosego’s work, wishing I could be in Los Angeles tonight. Friends in the L.A. area, do not miss this show! Yis, we’re sending lots of love your way from Philly tonight! ‘Well-deserved’ does not even begin to explain the massive amount of talent, hard work, and positivity in the face of any obstacles along your path that has led to this exhibition.

“Nosego presents us with worlds that exist unto themselves, as illogical as they are seductive and transportive. The spontaneity of the artist’s huge imagination is at the fore of his practice.”
Read more about Nosego’s “beautifully disorienting hybrids” (absolutely love this description of his work!) on Thinkspace’s website.
#nosego #thinkspacegallery #openchannels #yisgoodwin #newcontemporary See more sneak peek photos like this one on Thinkspace’s Flickr.

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One of Sarah Bereza’s oil paintings for “The Garden of Alternate Histories”, an interactive exhibit and multimedia installation opening 7/25/14.
“Bereza has forcibly moulded the macabre, the obscured and haunted spaces and beings of the world into a series of narrative paintings with exquisite, handmade frames”
- Shana Beth Mason for ArtFetch
@smason1022 @artfetch @sarahbereza #sarahbereza #fallonyoursword #hahaxpara #paradigmgallery #hahamag #thegardenofalternatehistories #installation #interactive #multimedia #lawnmower #oilpainting

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HAHAxParadigm Presents: “The Garden of Alternate Histories”
One week until the relaunch of this collaborative project between @sarahbereza and @fallonyourswordnyc comes to Philly for this first time. We first saw this piece under the title of “The Darkness Turns To Night”, and are so excited to be presenting it in Philadelphia for the first time NEXT FRIDAY!

"I found the mix of Sarah Bereza’s botanical-focused paintings with Fall on Your Sword’s intense installations, also curated by Ambre Kelly and Andrew Gori, to be a really enjoyable rumination on nature. Fall on Your Sword adapted a 1950s lawnmower into a piece where if you press down on its accelerator a projection turns on of a lawn being mowed, but go too fast and the daylight switches to “an alternate nighttime reality of garden witches” (screaming and dancing young ladies in matching track suits). With Bereza’s paintings alongside, which she states are “a slowing moving psychological revenge thriller where nature reclaims what was once rightfully its own,” it is all highly ominous."
- @allisoncmeier, 2013 review for @hyperallergic

"History 33" by @erinmriley at @joshualinergallery tonight for their #SummerMixer". An amazing amount of Philly love in this room tonight - warms my heart!
Congratulations Erin!! What a fantastic exhibition! #erinmriley #erinriley #joshualinergallery #fiberart #tapestry (at Joshua Liner Gallery)

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Just a few days left to catch “What Remains”! We will be taking appointments to see the exhibition through this Sunday, and will have general open hours on Saturday from 12-6pm. See the works by @drewleshko and @ruinporn from the exhibition online at www.paradigmarts.org #whatremains #paradigmgallery • pictured piece by #DrewLeshko
Email sara(at)paradigm-gallery.com for appointments or call (267)266-0073 (at Paradigm Gallery + Studio)

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"I Am Here" exhibition announcement: Join us as #Paperclips215 (@paperclips215), one of Philadelphia’s strongest sources in the arts scene, moderates a panel discussion with the artists: Joe Boruchow (@joeboruchow), Jessie Hemmons (@ishknits), Conrad Benner (@streetsdept), Kid Hazo (@kidhazo - That’s right! You might not see him, but he’ll be there in some way.) and Sara McCorriston, curator of I AM HERE on the current perception of street art.

This all inclusive terminology remains the subject of controversy, a safe ‘art umbrella’ sheltering notions that force us to reconsider the shift in art culture. Can we cross the divide between institutional and street-based art?

We’ll talk about all that and more on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 from 7-9pm at #JamesOliverGallery (@jogallery723). There will be an open viewing hour, starting at 6pm, of the exhibition prior to the evening’s discussion.

Please RSVP here: http://bit.ly/1tSenI6
(Clickable direct link in our IG profile)

#iamherephilly #clips215 #paneldiscussion #streetart #kidhazo (at James Oliver Gallery)

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