Throwback to just last month because I never posted the awesome eyes that @mydogsighs painted on a bumper car at @tmoms. Check out 4 pieces by My Dog Sighs on the walls of Paradigm on Friday, September 26th • 5:30 - 10:00pm
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📷: @mydogsighs (at Tattooed Mom)

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Close up of “Crooked Row”, one of @joeboruchow’s newest paper cutout pieces. You can catch some of #JoeBoruchow’s other works in person on the walls at Paradigm this month. Check out for updates on the artist’s newest creations.
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***Stop by Paradigm for 4th Friday on 4th Street on Friday, September 26th from 5:30-10:00pm to make some art while looking at art from @joeboruchow, @mydogsighs, @kellykozma, @mister_caitlin, and more!***

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"Overturning Mountains" by @nick_pedersen
It was awesome to meet #NickPedersen in person this weekend! Stay tuned over the next few months as we reveal some upcoming plans we have with Nick at #ParadigmGallery!
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To see the uncropped original of the pictured piece, visit:

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Stop by from 12-6pm today to see Caitlin T. McCormack’s “INTERHAVEN”.
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#crochet #fibers #fiberart #belljar #skeleton #fabricrow (at Paradigm Gallery + Studio)

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It’s #FreeArtFriday in Philadelphia! @mydogsighs generously left another piece with us to hide somewhere around Philly for you to find. This can is somewhere in Brewerytown. The last time we checked, there was still at least one piece to be found in South Philly too. So enjoy the beautiful weather and best of luck finding some free art in your travels around the city!
Check out some more work by #mydogsighs at or stop by the gallery and see it in person tomorrow from 12-6pm.
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#tbt Work by Patrick Blake from his duo exhibition with @crepesforbreakfast titled #Echoes.
#throwbackthursday #PatrickBlake @patrickleeblake #illustration #drawing #paradigmgallery (at Paradigm Gallery + Studio)

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Photos from @HAHAxParadigm’s collaboration with @BainbridgeGreen are now up on Paradigm’s Facebook page. See photos of @calobsone, @mydogsighs, and @kellykozma in action, along with photos from the panel discussion afterwards featuring our moderator @streetsdept and special guest @tmoms! (You can watch it online here: ) What an incredible weekend! Can’t wait to do another project like this! #hahaxpara #calobs #mydogsighs #kellykozma #paradigmgallery #hahamag #streetsdept #clips215 #bainbridgegreen #QueenVillage #bainbridgestreet #fabricrow #sshd #putsomepaintonit @queenvillagephila @southstreetheadhousedistrict (at Bainbridge Green)

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It’s the last day of Philly HOT LIST voting! We greatly appreciate all of the support we have received so far. ❤️
Last minute voters, we need you to help us get to number one! Please visit: or go to the link on our Instagram profile page. No need to be in Philadelphia to vote. It would be incredible to win this for the first time, and just in time for our FIVE YEAR (woohoo!) Anniversary!

This is a repost of my favorite picture of Jason and I, from our annual Community Arts Project Exhibition. The next date to come in to make some art for free in the gallery is Friday, September 26th, 5-10pm. Thank you to everyone that came out to @paperclips215’s one year anniversary party and made some art with us last night! #Clips215 #CommunityArtsProject #ParadigmGallery
(If I didn’t tag your block, feel free to tag - thank you!) (at Paradigm Gallery + Studio)

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"… at the heart, the work is a testament to these losses, perhaps behaving as conjured ghosts, poetic gestures of antaomy, forever in an inanimate sleep, delicate & honest in the silent tales of life and death they tell."
- @bloodmilk blog
Stop by from 12-6pm today to see @mister_caitlin’s #INTERHAVEN.
#CaitlinMcCormack #crochet #skeleton #fibers #fiberarts #paradigmgallery (at Paradigm Gallery + Studio)

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Tomorrow night one of these awesome @hilarywhiteart shirts could be yours if you attend @paperclips215’s one year anniversary party and join in on the raffle fun! Thank you @jugglingwolf and @kellykozma for being the best and incredibly fun models for us, and thank you Hilary White for designing these awesome shirts!
ALSO we will be bringing our #CommunityArtsProject to the party, so come make art with us, and this winter YOUR ART will be on the walls of Paradigm Gallery for our annual Community Arts Project and FIVE YEAR (woohoo!) Anniversary exhibition! #clips215 #hilarywhiteart #paradigmgallery
Check out the shirts online at (at Kongo Kanvas)

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